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A platform for the ongoing work on Nik Bärtsch's RITUAL GROOVE MUSIC, as well as for a wider community interested in the musical ideas involved.

Every monday at EXIL Zurich and www.yourstage.live


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„Coole Module statt braver Songs, polyrhythmischer Funk von hypnotischer Hartnäckigkeit.“

<p><span style="color: rgba(92,91,91,1);" >Rolling Stone (D)</span></p>, <p></p>

Rolling Stone (D)

"Sounds like Japanese knives, whose precision and clarity awakens ... Recommended for everyone: from theorists and tea ceremony lovers to dance enthusiasts."

<p><span style="color: rgba(92,91,91,1);" >Oliver Hochkeppel, Süddeutsche Zeitung (D)</span></p>, <p></p>

Oliver Hochkeppel, Süddeutsche Zeitung (D)

„Bärtsch’s mysterious music will be around for a lot longer than the quick fix that majority taste seems to clamour for.“

<p><span style="color: rgba(92,91,91,1);" >The Observer (UK)</span></p>, <p></p>

The Observer (UK)

A piece of music can be entered, inhabited like a room. It moves forward and transforms through obsessive circular movements, superimposition of different meters and micro-interplay. The listeners attention is directed toward minimal variations and phrasing. The band becomes an integral organism - like an animal, a habitat, an urban space. One must think with ears and hands.

<p>Nik Bärtsch</p>,

Nik Bärtsch

Maximum Attention on the Groove

Nik Bärtsch is a successful jazz pianist who lives in Zurich.

He works in different formations and grooves weekly live on stage.

We have been working with YourStage.live for years and since the first experimental phase. In the meantime, a highly professional interaction has developed that, in addition to the serious work, always emphasises the pleasure of the live event and the resulting global communication opportunity.

The makers of YourStage.live know the production conditions of various live promoters from experience and therefore offer an ideal partnership to broadcast realistically, innovatively and competently to the world.

In this way, local communities can become global ones without losing their charm and independence. »

<p>Nik Bärtsch</p>,

Nik Bärtsch

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